Monday, 25 November 2013

The Day of the Doctor... borrowed review as I NEED A DOCTOR of hips ;)

I'd love to write more on THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR but am feeling pretty restricted by pain and lack of sleep currently thanks to my unsettled 9-year-old replaced hip - oh for a Doctor and a sonic screwdriver to fix it in nice and firm! - so instead I'll share another review with you in a mo...
We did have an absolutely fantastic time at the Barbican Cinema, which we found by following a man wearing a Tom Baker scarf with a woman dressed in a TARDIS onesie. I was Van Gogh TARDIS twins with my friend - both of us wearing his T-shirt designs and I has my trusty - but sadly ineffectual - 9th Doc's sonic screwdriver in my hand bag.
I particularly enjoyed Matt and David's introductions regarding our 3D specs (not 57D or whatever it was Matt thought ;)) and warning about the presence of Zygons in the room and the fact that all 13 docs come back to save Gallifrey!
Well done to ALL involved over the 50 or 1200 years!

Friday, 22 November 2013

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ - The Old Vic Theatre - Thursday 21st November 2013

(Rated 1.5/5 ) 

Actually a very appropriate title for this production sadly - much ado to get tickets for a production that was almost the most 'nothing' and 'boring' experience I have ever had. SORRY director Mark Rylance and actors involved, but not that sure why you bothered. I really don't like being so negative but this is my honest experience of it. For I think the first time in my life I left at the interval. The main attraction for me - the gorgeous talented Vanessa Redgrave - was 'indisposed' for the night and so we had her understudy. My friend suggested that maybe she was so embarrassed to be part of it. At least her absence made it easier to leave. Mark Rylance is such an extraordinary actor I expected so much better from him in directing fellow actors. And some members of the cast were even stumbling over their lines. James Earl Jones was fine but lacked the expressiveness I am sure he has. The set was dull too. Nothing comes of nothing indeed! This was just nothing! Vanessa, I would love to have seen you on stage and hope to in a much better production. Now really wishing I'd seen Driving Miss Daisy with you two.

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