Wednesday, 7 December 2016

‘Lazarus’ – King’s Cross Theatre - Tuesday 6th January 2016

(Rated 7/5 ) 

I had no words coming out of this show. I was literally speechless – struck dumb in awe of what I had just witnessed and the experience of the journey on which these highly talented beings had taken me. When I did manage to speak it was just a ‘Wow… Just Wow!’, to my friend and companion on the theatrical journey. She was equally unable to speak but her reaction was clearly visible on her face. As were all Michael C. Hall’s reactions of his alien being Newton on his. When my companion was finally able to say something -‘That is how theatre should be – that is what I’ve missed’. We’d both gone for the sake of Bowie – Dear David – well of course how could you not? ;) – and also for dear Michael because of Dexter… because of Six Feet Under… because we wanted to see one of our favourite actors ‘live’. We weren’t bothered about how good the play was – just to have some time in the combined worlds of those two great artistic talents was easily good enough. So the fact that there seemed to be so much in the play – that we felt so transported from earth to this extraordinary surreal place – and yes we did have our passports with us as instructed though were never asked to show them – sitting on purple chairs – well they had to be ;) – was beyond all expectation. That said I wouldn’t be able to tell you what happened or what it was really about, but that didn’t actually matter lol! It’s about life and death, it’s about being, it’s about existence and not being able to escape it… ever. It’s about true love, true hate, true feelings of all kinds. I suppose it’s about whatever you get from it – which sounds like a cop out – but I truly feel it’s the sort of show which each of us can get our own messages from. Sort of being about whatever you feel ready to receive and depending on your mood at the time. I have a passion for seeing things from POVs other than human ones and of course that is also what we get – a study of us from a Man Who Fell To Earth and from characters in his imagination or who have passed over to the other side or to another planet… to Mars maybe?!
David Bowie has given SO much! I really don’t need to say more and his songs are beautifully incorporated into Enda Walsh’s script. Again whether it actually makes sense doesn’t matter! We don’t make sense anyway ;). For me Bowie truly was a gloriously multiple personality and each one as ridiculously hugely talented as the next. Every performer in this production was brilliant! I’ve already noted how expressive Michael C. Hall (MCH) is and his face was so alien and troubled. Even when smiling it had an other-worldliness – something I haven’t seen in any of his other characters. I was also particularly impressed by Girl as played by Hannah Rose Thompson – and had goosebumps when she sang Life on Mars - and Amy Lennox as Elly who blew me away with all the ‘business’ she had to handle while performing someone going through a multitude of Changes and singing beautifully all at the same time. I wish MCH had had more singing to do. My favourite was his Heroes duet with Girl.
Great production in their purpose-built ‘tent’ ;)  Oh, and as I was advised, if you do go, look at the stage as soon as you get into your seat J And Wish You a Wonderful Ride!

Lazarus – Review by TheRestrictedReviewer © 2016